Friday, 3 August 2012

I am super organised.

I decided I would be better organised if I wrote everything in one place.  I bought a specific 'to do list' notebook and a fancy pen to match.

Unfortunately, the first and only page I've used remains the same.  Written on June 19, it is now August 3 and I haven't even achieved the first thing on the list.


  1. You are doing stuff, just not recording it in you to do list first. Write "blog" in there because clearly you do that already, then write "breathe". Then you can tick the first thing because you have written a to do list (and completed everything on it)

    1. That's true.

      I haven't looked at my blog for a month again but this time it's as a result of being too busy to write.

      It does appear I was doing stuff, even if all I was doing was writing about what I was thinking.

      I have so many blog posts to catch up on but I'm taking care of "breathe" on the to-do list for the moment.