Monday, 27 August 2012

Some people don't like Monday mornings

Two of my facebook friends, unknown to each other, posted these photos of cats within 12 minutes of each other.  Thanks for the double attack of Monday morning grumpy kitties on my news feed!

Old fashioned ideas

It's so funny and old-fashioned.  Tehehehehe.

Unfortunately, people haven't left these ideas in the past.  My friend's post keeps popping up on my facebook news feed. The post below has shown up three times now.  I sincerely hope it's not because my friend has 'calculated her ideal weight' on three separate occasions.

The formula it mentions is something like height minus 100 then minus 10%.  Whatever.  It makes me angry that an application would prescribe someone an "ideal weight", like it's not hard enough already to feel okay about your body. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Barista Training

I've been learning how to make proper barista cappuccinos.

I made some good froth so I took a photo :)

Men's Clothing Store

Since when did 'Designer Menswear' mean 'little black dress'?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Religion: Hair

I went to get my hair trimmed today and the poor hairdresser was frantic at the thought of releasing me into the wild with no products in my hair.

Me: I'd just like it trimmed and thinned and I don't want you to add anything fancy because I won't be using any product on it normally. 

Miss Hairdresser: (shocked look) But, but...

After what must have been considerable internal conflict throughout my haircut:

Miss Hairdresser: It's AGAINST MY RELIGION...of let you leave this salon without something in your hair. (puts 'gold serum' in my hair)

Our conversation during the haircut:

Miss Hairdresser: Is your coffee weak enough?

Me: I'm sure it's fine.

Miss Hairdresser: I'm not really into coffee either.  I'm not a coffee concierge.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

In the Ladies' Toilet

Why are you using the ladies' toilets, Brenton!?!? 
How about you use the men's? 
Not just when maintenance work is in progress.
I can't see the harm in using a comma but I guess I understand not putting periods and colons on a toilet door.

Did I read that right?

Me: La la la la l- WHAT!?! Oh, I see what I did there. BAHAHAHA.

Bridge Stone

You can't fool me,
Mr. I'm-a-stone-under-a-bridge.

You look nothing like the other rocks and labelling yourself as a "bridge stone" is not going to fool anyone.

End of story.

Monday, 13 August 2012

During House Renovations - The Varnish Discovery

I mixed what was left of two tins of stain & varnish and stored it in this ice cream container.

Apparently stain & varnish does not keep well in ice cream containers.

The floors are still waiting to be varnished months later because the effort involved in walking and/or bussing to the hardware store is too overwhelming for me. 

My sister suggested I ask my brother-in-law if he can get me some stain & varnish because he works in a paint store. 

It never would have occurred to me that I could ask someone to get them for me or, strangely, that my brother-in-law sells stain & varnish in his paint store.

One day, floorboards.  One day.

More photos of me mucking around during House Renovations:
During House Renovations - Flipping Underlay Residue
During House Renovations - Scrubbing Day with Pippi Longstocking

Photos of House Renovations where I'm not mucking around:
House Renovations - Loungeroom 
House Renovations - Bedroom

A tragic story about curtains which features the loungeroom floorboards:
Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

Friday, 3 August 2012

School Zoo Excursion

My friend found this almost empty booklet on the bus.  I think the student who owned it might not have got an A in science. 

The booklet provided a bit of amusement on the bus.  I got my friend to pick 3 words.  No matter which 3 you pick, it's funny.  Well, it was funny to us at the time.

I am super organised.

I decided I would be better organised if I wrote everything in one place.  I bought a specific 'to do list' notebook and a fancy pen to match.

Unfortunately, the first and only page I've used remains the same.  Written on June 19, it is now August 3 and I haven't even achieved the first thing on the list.

New vehicle near my house.

"Honey, I'm home!  Um...I may have knocked the letterbox over."
I took this photo, went to bed, woke up about a day later and there was nothing left on the block of land.  I thought I heard a crashing sort of noise at some point but was too asleep to investigate.  It's bad enough having to deal with the difference from light to dark when I wake up 20 hours later but the disappearance of an entire house?  How could I not be awoken by that?


Mr. Lame's creativity and artistic prowess is far superior to that of previous artists.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Today I felt like singing and last Friday I felt like dancing but I've been holding back because I wouldn't want to be seen as "manic". 

I stopped myself from dancing at the Peace Markets on Saturday because it seemed too fun and carefree and I wouldn't want to lose control and enjoy myself.

One day during the week I was on an O-bahn bus marvelling at how beautiful it is that I get to zoom through beautiful green parklands with trees and grass and ducks and a river.  I tried to stop appreciating it because I felt like I shouldn't feel so happy and alive and aware of my surroundings. 

Last night my friend and I were hysterical with laughter to the point that our stomachs hurt.  I thought I should try to control it because I'm not meant to be that happy.  I wouldn't want to be "unwell".

My medication is meant to stop that sort of bad behaviour.

This week I learned that anti-depressants work by clouding up ANY feeling.  I always assumed they did the opposite of depressing but really they just mask the sad thoughts and at the same time decrease your emotional involvement with the world.  Anti-depressants dull the senses; they don't increase the good feelings.  This is all very good to know after taking the stuff daily for several years.

Mmm... anti-depressants and mood stabilisers.
Having halved my dosage down to the usual high amount of anti-depressant (not overnight, throughout a month) I can actually feel feelings.

I'm only taking the mood stabilising medication once a day now too.  Maybe I'm a bit more irritable but I also have the capacity to feel happy.

I don't know if I'm much less sleepy because I've still been sleeping whole days and falling asleep on buses but I think I'm more alert during the day and I can actually entertain the idea of singing and dancing and thinking.

This blog is allergic to July

What is this?  The June blog?  I wrote something almost every day of June, including 10 posts on the 6th, then didn't write anything for the entire month of July.

Next week is my Intensive Introduction to Narrative Practice so no doubt I will have heaps to write afterwards (if my brain doesn't explode).

I'm really excited about it but I'm also really scared that I'll be so tired I'll fall asleep and miss a whole day.

My bed at Grandma's.
I plan to stay at Grandma's so I don't have as far to travel and Grandma can kick me out of bed if need be. 
I also love coming home to tell Grandma all about my day and looking through old photo albums and hearing all her funny stories.

 I think I'll also use my old mobile phone as an alarm in addition to setting alarms on my new phone.

So much anticipation and excitement about the Narrative Therapy Course!