Thursday, 2 August 2012

This blog is allergic to July

What is this?  The June blog?  I wrote something almost every day of June, including 10 posts on the 6th, then didn't write anything for the entire month of July.

Next week is my Intensive Introduction to Narrative Practice so no doubt I will have heaps to write afterwards (if my brain doesn't explode).

I'm really excited about it but I'm also really scared that I'll be so tired I'll fall asleep and miss a whole day.

My bed at Grandma's.
I plan to stay at Grandma's so I don't have as far to travel and Grandma can kick me out of bed if need be. 
I also love coming home to tell Grandma all about my day and looking through old photo albums and hearing all her funny stories.

 I think I'll also use my old mobile phone as an alarm in addition to setting alarms on my new phone.

So much anticipation and excitement about the Narrative Therapy Course!

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