Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Backward Idea #1 - Sweeping Coins

I found out today that the 1 and 2 cent pieces I was going to cash in at the bank cannot be cashed in at the bank.  It's probably lucky that my sister informed me of this devastating news because it has saved me the embarrassment of standing at a bank holding a small snap lock bag of coins, looking for somewhere to dispose of them.

My two year old nephew found the little bag of coins, I opened the bag for him and he poured them onto the couch to play with.  By the time my sister came to pick him and his baby brother up there were coins across the whole loungeroom.  After my sister and nephews had left I started collecting the coins with a broom.  Before I knew it I was sweeping the floor.  Tricked into housework!  How rude.

Then I thought: some people are very driven by monetary rewards and competition.

What if people who feel unmotivated to do housework could give themselves a financial incentive?
Step 1: Throw coins onto floor being sure to scatter them under furniture.
Step 2: Sweep coins into a pile, inadvertently sweeping dust into a pile.
Step 3: Pocket coins, bin dust.
If you don't sweep thoroughly, you miss out on money.  Unlike my efforts tonight, make sure you know how many coins you have to start with so you can count how many you swept.  Also, use something more exciting than 1 and 2 cent pieces.

Look at my haul - I must have done at least $2 of sweeping.

Sweeping Coins
Note: Only use this method if your cleaning apparatus is a broom.  I don't think it adapts well for vacuum cleaning.

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