Monday, 18 June 2012

Incomparable Cabaret

Now for another rant about judging...

I experienced two cabaret shows by the Class of Cabaret 2012 at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.  There were about 30 young people divided into the two shows; Year 11 or 12 students from 14 different schools across the state.

Each performer spoke about something important to them then performed a song, sometimes also dancing or playing a musical instrument.  I enjoyed the first performance so much that I went back for the second one.  Not because it was all happy, lively, feel good tunes.  I enjoyed it because it was real people talking about things that were real to them and sharing of themselves via song.

I felt so priveleged to experience two shows where more than a dozen young people performed, one after another, without being compared to each other.  No-one got judged.  No-one got voted off.  The focus was not on who had "the best voice" or who was "the best performer".  Every performer was unique and special.  Every performer sang from the heart. 

These days it is common to see people on TV being compared and judged on their singing.  It was so refreshing to be able to appreciate the performances and hear what the performers had to say without someone coming along afterwards to say they didn't like the quality of the singing.

I hope people realise there are shows out there where you can appreciate a performance without having to compare, judge or vote.

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