Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Propensity to Proof Read

I was given some feedback from the facilitator of a course and was intrigued by one of the comments:

"Attention to detail is noted."  

I wasn't sure if it was a negative comment about my propensity to correct spelling and grammar mistakes or if it was somehow a positive note.  Luckily I asked about it and found out that it was indeed a compliment for my thorough completion of workbooks with insightful answers, or maybe rubbish answers but lots of them.

I expressed my apologies for correcting typographical or grammatical errors throughout the course but offered to proof read the course notes before it is offered later this year.  The facilitator said he might follow me up on that.  Yay!  I love proof reading.  He hadn't asked anyone to proof read the original notes which is why there were so many mistakes.  He also showed me that he had indeed noted on one of my assessment sheets that I had paid attention to detail in my workbook and written well thought out answers.

I'm quite intrigued by the way people label attention to detail as "obsessive".  I was discussing it with a friend who said she only bothers to read over something she's written if it's something important.  I pointed out that we have exactly the same philosophy but I think all forms of written communication deserve to be reviewed.  I always check for spelling mistakes, missing punctuation and anything that might cause misunderstanding.

I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to language.  Here are some of the pins:

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Why attempt to communicate if you're not going to bother ensuring it will make sense to the receiver of the message?

It turns out that some people just don't care and to those people I say:

Just because I care,
it doesn't mean I have OCD.

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