Saturday, 23 June 2012

Getting out of the house. It can be done.

31 days of getting out of the house without my driver's licence.
from least to most difficult...

Birthday Celebration & Strategic Planning Meeting - 30mins by taxi 
This was the easiest because I didn't feel like I was inconveniencing anyone and I didn't have to do any prior planning.
2 x evenings of Cabaret Festival with my Dad - lifts from dad Thank You!

A Fete & My Sister's House with my Sister - lifts from sister Thank You!

Saturday Matinee Theatre Performance with my Friend - lift from friend Thank You!

Saturday Night Theatre Performance with my Dad - lift from dad Thank You!

Dinner with Relatives - lifts from auntie Thank You!

My Friend's House with my Friend - lift from friend's partner, trains and walk with friend 
Although this involved more than an hour travelling each way, I coped fine because I was with my friend.  Thank You! & Thank You!
The Supermarket with my Friend - lifts from friend's friend Thank You!

My Friend's House (1hr4mins by car)
getting there - 4mins walk, 21mins bus, 1min walk during 11min wait, 10mins walk during 16mins wait, 47mins train, 6mins lift from friend's partner (1hr45mins)
This was not too difficult because I spent half a day getting there at my own pace and told myself it was an adventure.
Dinner with Friends (22mins by car)
getting there - 4mins walk, 21mins bus, 1min walk during 5mins wait, 20mins bus, 5mins walk, 2mins wait, 7mins train, 2mins walk (56mins)
This seemed reasonably easy because I had spent several hours on Google Maps planning how to get there and I was excited about seeing my friends.
7 x days of Voluntary Work & A Pre-Employment Course Session (30mins by car)
3mins walk, 14mins bus, 1min walk during 5mins wait, 9mins bus, 5mins wait, 20mins bus, 5mins walk (1hr)
Falling in and out of sleep is mentally and physically painful.  I'm finding it fairly difficult to make two of these trips each day which is why I've only made it 7 times out of a possible 18.  But I did it 7 times so that's something to be proud of.
A Doctor's Appointment (7mins by car)
getting there - 4mins walk, 5mins bus, 18mins walk (27mins)
getting home - 18mins walk, 21mins bus, 3mins walk (42mins)
Dinner with Friends & Theatre Performance Viewing at Cinema
lifts from friend Thank You!
I had been looking forward to this but hadn't figured out how to get there so I thought I'd just stay in bed.  I put a message (sob story) on facebook and half a dozen people offered me a lift.  I was so happy I cried.  
Friday Night Theatre Performance (32mins by car)
getting there - 2mins walk, 9mins train, 1min walk during 10mins wait, 35mins train, 9mins walk (1hr5mins)
getting to friend's house - lift from friend Thank You!
That was an epic Friday because not only did I make it to the theatre but I also performed in the show after two nights absence.  That day I helped celebrate the 16th birthday of the community centre where I volunteer and I participated in a strategic planning meeting including typing up the second half of the strategic plan.
Lunch with a Friend
lifts from friend Thank You!
All I had to do was get to the front door.  I made it easier for myself by cutting out the difficult part - stumbling into the shower.  I was able to change from pyjamas into clothes and stumble out the front door.
 I made it to all these things but unfortunately I didn't make it to all these things.

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