Monday, 11 June 2012

Welcome, by all means, welcome!

Continuing in my efforts to post everything I ever would have posted on a blog if I had one at the time, here are some photos of a book that I made in 2008.  I don't agree with the labels of Depression and Bipolar but I haven't entirely figured out my stance on the issue.  One day I'll get my head around it enough to start blogging about it.  I still agree with the bit about Hamish and Andy helping me to feel less lonely.  They really did help me feel a sense of belonging.

Front Cover
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3 - Door Closed
Page 3 - Door Open
Page 4 - Blanket Down
Page 4 - Blanket Lifted
Page 5
Page 6
My friend and I went to see Hamish and Andy at their CD signing for Unessential Listening.  There were so many people that we would have spent the whole day waiting in a line.  Hundreds of people did just that and before they got to the front of the line, Hamish and Andy had to leave.  My friend and I opted to sit at an outside table of the nearby restaurant pretending to have lunch all day.  It's not stalking if you buy pizza.

Best seats in the house

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