Saturday, 16 June 2012

Facebook Friend Payments and the Forever Sneezing Man

What, pray tell, is a "Facebook Friend Payment"?  Do people pay their facebook friends for agreeing to appear as a friend on facebook?  If I don't make any friend payments, am I liable to lose my friends?  Or are the payments made in the currency of friends rather than money?  "I'll trade you 3 of my friends for a pizza"? "How many friends do you charge for a new stereo system?"

Facebook Friend Payments

Why is this man about to sneeze?  I have never seen him sneeze but he is constantly preparing to sneeze.  He is in a state of "Ah" where he never reaches "choo".  If he does eventually sneeze one day, he will shower his sneeze all over the customers entering the lolly shop beneath him and he won't be able to cover his mouth and nose because his hands are full of lollipops and the sneeze will get caught up in his moustache and his glasses will fly off and smash into tiny pieces and it will be an all round disaster of catastrophic proportions.

Hurry up and sneeze!

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