Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Horse Party

I am extremely out of touch with world news (and that's how I like it) but I heard something about a Diamond Jubilee so I looked it up on Wikipedia.  Apparently a Diamond Jubilee celebrates 75 years, unless it's a British Monarch in which case they only have to get to 60.  The Queen gets all sorts of celebrations including a big horse pageant because apparently she likes horses.  This makes perfect sense.  She has survived for 60 years, not from someone taking over, because that's not possible, but she is alive after all that time so let's have a horse party.

I really am ignorant about the Queen.  I don't know anything except that she waves with an unusual twisting wrist movement. I know she's meant to be special to us Australians for some reason.  It was all explained in the entry on Wikipedia: Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.
"Paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of Australia in the Australian House of Representatives in Canberra on 6 February 2012, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard stated the Queen was a revered figure in Australia.[citation needed]"

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