Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bum Pits

Bum Pits
You've got arm pits, but what about bum pits?

Here's hoping the maker of this sign isn't doing the labelling.
Who?  What?
Firstly, I used to joke around saying "That makes no sense, what does 'I heart New York' mean?" a long time before people started using the symbol or word "heart" to replace the word "love".

Secondly, even if you transposed "love" over the red heart shape, these letter-looking shapes make no sense.

Even if you translate "sale" into Italian so it means "salt", why would anyone in their right mind "big fat read heart shape big fat salt"?

Maybe there's a person named "Sale".  Sorry, Sale.

Cower on the ground for the holographic shark is not far off.
As I walked from Citi Cross into Rundle Mall I thought there was a serious storm transpiring.

So many blasts of lightning!  So bright!

It turned out to be a gigantic screen which would black out then surge a shock of light every few seconds, surely causing people with epilepsy, or eyes, to be in danger.

UPDATE: I've added a clip of the holographic shark.  It's less than 3 years away.  So are hover cars, hover boards, self-drying jackets and retractable fruit bowls.

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