Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crossword Crisis

Such is my need for positive reinforcement that if I don't get any feedback, I go crazy...

Here I am, having finished a crossword, knowing that "nosser" is not a word, realising the newspaper containing the answers is not the one I'm holding because I gave that paper away. 

If I experience this much despair and disillusionment from not being able to check my crossword answers, no wonder I struggled without timely feedback on my anatomy and physiology assignments at uni.  My lecturer was so overworked that by the time we got our assignments back we had already handed up the next one.  It did not help me learn.

As for the crossword, while I was playing with my camera I noticed I could change "nosser" to "tosser" and "lean" to "list" thus "_g_n_a"  was actually "_g_n_s" so it could become "agents".  Crisis averted.

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